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Guest Blogging SEO; Increase Your Brand Awareness

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging SEO is a technique in which a guest author writes a blog on a third-party web portal for the promotion of their business/personal corporate brand. It is done to generate brand awareness and get a better reach.

Guest posting is beneficial to both the blog owner as well as the guest author or guest blogger. It helps a website to impart information and keep going whereas it helps the blogger to interact with a new audience. Apart from this both the parties share the blog with their contacts and on their social media platforms which will lead to a better reach of the website as well as the blog post.

How to do guest blogging?

  • Find a site that needs a guest author – There are many sites available on the internet but all of them do not offer guest blogging. Firstly you need to search and find out sites that offer guest blogging seo. Select from the various options – After you across several sites. Shortlist from them by comparing the reach, authenticity, interface, etc. of the site
  • Apply for the same/pitching – Remember to make a good pitch. Approach these sites to publish your blog.
  • Writing guest post – The most important part is of course to write an appropriate post which should consist of all the information about the brand and products.
  • Follow up – Don’t disappoint your audience or customers. Make sure that you reply to comments, feedback, and queries. Don’t forget to share your blog on different social media platforms to get a better reach

Guest posting is a great SEO tactic and has become very common nowadays. Choose a site according to the product that you are offering.

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