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Reasons Your Brand Should Invest in a Mood Board

Developing a brand occurs with consistent improvements. The brand creation process involves internal interviews, target market research, and data analysis. A mood board entails a collection of shapes, designs, colors, images, and symbols representing your brand. A mood board  typically stems from a unique value proposition or a brand messaging. The board evolves into a style guide providing the brand with a foundation to borrow from when developing new marketing products or materials. Develop a mood board for your brand and guarantee that all promotional and marketing materials portray the same message and remain consistent. Why invest in a brand mood board? Below are some reasons.

  • Saves on time

Incorporating a mood board and a mood board into your brand generates a library of approved fonts, images, and patterns. Therefore, this library helps save time when managing approvals and opinions in the future. Instead of trying to deliberate over the type of look, a specific print ad should contain the board that helps guide the entire process; thus, your message reaches the target market faster.

  • Builds a Strong Visual Framework

A well-communicated brand feels and looks across a team and makes all decisions affecting your brand’s outlook a no-brainer. Likewise, your entire team can depend on the board for guidance and inspiration, thus achieving more.

  • Easy Collaboration

A mood board allows a clear layout of your brand’s design principles and expectations. Therefore, the clear layout makes it easy for the team members to develop materials according to the overall brand objectives.

What do you include in your Digital Mood Board?

Typography: this involves incorporating things like quotes that show how your typography might contribute to your aesthetic.

Illustration, imagery, or photography: look for drawings and pictures that demonstrate the natural feel and look that you intend to show in your design.

Textures and Patterns: although textures and patterns seem like they can only be used on physical boards, you can also try the patterns on digital mood boards. Incorporating images of textures or patterns like silk or velvet can add more depth to a board containing normal pictures only.

Swatches or Color Palettes: It is essential to be clear on the colors you intend to use in your entire design.

Same Inspiring Designs: you can visit websites like Invision, Instagram, Dribble.com, or even Pinterest to acquire inspiring designs for your board. If you get anything attractive and inspiring, do not hesitate to incorporate them into your mood board. However, always be on the lookout for designs that align with your mood board’s design to avoid unnecessary interruptions.

Always view mood boards as an opportunity to play around with different feels and looks that a particular product can have. Besides, it helps in the easier focus of the actual digital product. Spending more time playing and analyzing the space of imagery, color, and patterns allows you to familiarize yourself with the product you are trying to develop.

With the increase in technological advancements, you should invest more in digital mood boards for your business.

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