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How To Present A Pitch In A Company?

The “elevator pitch,” or “elevator speech,” is a very dynamic 2–3-minute presentation that simulates a quick meeting where the entrepreneur must be able to “sell” his idea clearly and concisely. In this type of presentation made in a hurry, the important thing is to get the customer’s attention, so the focus of the conversation should be on the specific benefit that your business can offer.

Do you know how to present your company to clients in an “elevator pitch” format? If not, then take a look at these tips:

  • elevator pitch
  • Show what your company does to solve problems.
  • Present data and facts that prove your company’s success
  • Emphasize your differentiators
  • Repeat the leading solution and invite to a meeting

Seven Pitch Techniques To Present Your Company

  • Ask a question at the beginning (such as: “do you know?”) to assess the client’s knowledge of the topic to be presented. So, you already know where to start your speech.
  • Start by talking about the opportunity you’ve identified. What gap did you see in the market, and how will your idea solve/meet the need or problem?
  • Don’t waste your time stating the obvious (like “water is an essential good for humanity”). Don’t waste time being redundant.
  • Don’t try to explain your whole business. Just look for how to present the most critical points of your company. Remember that the goal is to get the person interested in the business and then look for more information.
  • The pitch should not exceed 5 minutes, but train how to present your company with less and less time. This will strengthen your confidence and assertiveness.
  • Adapt the language to the audience. If you are going to present your idea to someone in marketing, avoid financial terms, and vice versa.
  • Leave your material and be available for future contacts. Give your business card and preferably an institutional folder with relevant information about your company.

The printed material will help the person to fix the ideas of your presentation and better visualize the possibilities of the business, besides, of course, being able to keep your contact to facilitate a possible future transaction.

No matter how well you prepare and create a fantastic company presentation, a detail like the wrong time can make everything go wrong. Also, by choosing a good time, you will have more meetings in one day. Visit website to know more.

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