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Ensuring Your Outsourcing Company Provides Quality Websites For Outreach

When you are a digital agency, and one of your tasks is link building for your clients, you need to ensure that you are placing the links on quality sites. It seems that each digital agency judges the websites they use for outreach in different ways and use various metrics to judge their quality. Multiple factors can influence the quality of a website for link placement, and you will need to decide how you judge them and ensure that your outsourcing company meets your standards. Below are some ways to tell if a site is good enough to place a link and ensure the company is doing a fantastic job.

Is The Site Relevant To The Clients Industry?

When building links, you need to ensure relevance, and the site where you are placing the link must be relevant to the client’s website and industry. If you are not doing this, you are going through the motions and building a link for the sake of it and not providing quality for your client or their website. You need to ensure that the blogger outreach company you outsource to provides relevant websites for the content to be posted that will benefit your client; otherwise, it is pointless.

The Site Has Excellent Traffic

If you post your quality content that is relevant on a site with no traffic, it is another pointless task that does not benefit anyone. You will want to ensure that any website where you are posting links has good traffic and that your published content gets read. You may also want to check the site’s keywords to ensure that they are ranking for terms relevant to your client and the site generates traffic.

Social Media Signals

You will also want to ensure that the sites where the content is being published have active social media profiles. You will want to check that they post on their social media and interact with other users. Look at the Facebook page of the websites you are thinking of using, and you can also use other social media platforms.

Other Metrics To Judge A Site

There are other metrics that outreach specialists use to judge the merits of a website, and below are some of these and what they are.

DA: Domain Authority, often shortened to DA, is a metric created by MOZ, and they rate websites between 1 and 100. The higher the number, the higher the DA, which measures how likely a website is to appear in the SERPs (search engine results page).

DR: Domain Ranking is a metric created by Ahrefs, which judges a website based on its backlink profile, looking at the size and quality. Like DA, it scores websites between 1 and 100, with the higher the number, the better.

CF: The website Majestic created their way of judging websites and scoring them with a CF score, which stands for Citation Flow. It is used to judge the potential power of a link from the site and how much link juice will flow if you place a link on it.

TF: TF stands for Trust Flow and was created by Majestic also. It looks at the quality of links on a site and rates them from the most trustworthy to the least.

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