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Embracing Omnichannel Retail Services Can Lead to Innovation and Growth with the Ombori Grid

There are few sectors that better define industry innovation than retail. Retail spaces adjust and acclimate to the changing conditions of the world, adapting to new technology and social practices to improve their business. In this effort-brimming pursuit, omnichannel retail services have become increasingly normalized to the point of being in demand.

The central question to ask ourselves is this: what exactly is an omnichannel approach to retail and what does it entail? Companies like Ombori with the Ombori Grid digital approach are effectively changing the workspace as we know it. So let’s dive into this conversation to better understand the topic at hand.

Omnichannel and You: An Industry in Flux

The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in what was already heavily in transition, a shift to e-commerce and instantaneous customer satisfaction. The challenge for modern businesses is building upon that customer satisfaction while replicating the convenience of e-commerce within brick-and-mortar locations.

Omnichannel is a hard subject to nail down because it is a rather large term, serving as an umbrella to cover many different facets of retail operations. Omnichannel can be described as the integration between offline and online services as well as the ability to simply switch devices amidst a transaction.

First and foremost, omnichannel approaches to customer service seek to empower interactions with shoppers. A business-minded methodology more so than an aspect of technology, retail outlets can begin instilling omnichannel values into their business with relative ease.

Why YOU Need an Omnichannel Strategy

Challenges manifested by the COVID-19 pandemic had already existed in retail spaces in some semblance prior to the event. With that being said, these challenges have only become increasingly magnified. Creating an omnichannel strategy through a service like the Ombori Grid can help to facilitate the kind of business that you idealize.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits manifested by a broad omnichannel strategy.

  • Sales Efficiency – Increase sales efficiency by driving digital experiences throughout your store, guiding customers to signage for sales.
  • Reduce Wait Time – An omnichannel approach to sales can functionally reduce wait times while minimizing shopper strife. Long wait times are among the most common complaints at retail outlets, a clear sign that the convenience of online shopping needs to be translated.
  • Facilitate Transactions – With an omnichannel strategy, businesses can develop a ship-from-store strategy rather than relying on central fulfillment for online orders.

Companies currently enjoying the process while integrating omnichannel strategies are numerous, but a few names should be highlighted.

REI – Embracing the digital age while developing an omnichannel strategy has brought REI to the forefront of its industry. Nearly 80% of its customers will inspect purchases on the internet or their phone app before stepping foot into the REI building.

To enact your own omnichannel strategy, work with the Ombori Grid while answering questions about customer preferences, industry standards, and for multiple channels and devices. A mobile-first design will help companies to really accommodate the needs of their modern shoppers.

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